Hillside Cemetery

Hillside Cemetery is a municipally owned cemetery situated on the outskirts of the City limits on County Road 3. The Cemetery offers full burials and cremation burials; as well as the option of above ground cremation vaults in our columbarium. More information regarding the purchasing of cemetery plots and cemetery policy can be obtained by calling the Cemetery Sexton at 218.384.4229.

Cemetery Fee Schedule


Lot Prices                             Standard 4'x8' lot                              $750.00

                                           Cremation section 4'x4' lot                 $400.00



Columbarium                        Top Row                                            $900.00

                                           Middle Row                                        $800.00

                                           Bottom Row                                       $700.00



Burials                                   Full (Workday)                                  $550.00

                                             Winter                                             $1,200.00

                                                  Or actual expenses, whichever is greater


                                              Cremation (Workday)                       $225.00

                                              Vault Cremation (Workday)               $350.00

                                              Winter                                            $600.00

                                                   Or actual expenses, whichever is greater


                                              Columbarium (Workday)                   $100.00


After hours or Weekend Burial is an addtional $75.00