Visit Carlton to see Mother Nature at work on Otter Creek. 

This photo was taken from the Carlton Trail bridge located just off Munger Trail.

2023 Water Week Posters

May 7 - 13, 2023


AWWA Drinking Water Week & MNRWA Water Week



2023 MNRWA Poster Contest

Entries from South Terrace’s fourth grade students


South Terrace Lift Station Debacle March 2023


The City of Carlton Public Works staff would like to remind all residents to be careful of what gets flushed down the toilet.


Last weekend we had a pump at the South Terrace lift station get stopped up by a pair of underwear that was flushed. (See photo) Public Works staff had to come in and open the Lift Station to find out why the pump was not working. The South Terrace residents were very lucky this time. Stopped pumps mean that sewer backups into area homes is possible.


The sewage from the City of Carlton gets pumped to WLSSD in Duluth for treatment. Things can get caught in the lines and pumps along the way. This can cause an increase in the rates charged by WLSSD. Everyone needs to do their part in keeping our sanitary sewer system operating smoothly.


Keep the following out of the sanitary sewer system: 


Medicines, Drain Cleaners, Bath Oils, Dental floss, Solvents, Condoms, Hair, Wet Wipes, Cigarette butts, Kitty litter, Disposable diapers, Coffee grounds, Non-Septic Safe Toilet Paper, Antibacterial Soaps, Fats, oils and grease, Paper towels or bandages, Sanitary napkins or tampons, Automatic Toilet Cleaners, “Flush-able Wipes” and other Clogging Hazards, Laundry & Dishwasher Detergents with Phosphates, Food Scraps (and yes, the means avoid using the garbage disposal)


2022 Halloween

Carlton Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a Downtown Trick or Treat and a Scarecrow Competition on October 29, 2022. Here are some photos of the scarecrows and trick or treat stations.

2022 Water Week Posters

Ground water and drinking water are very important. The South Terrace fourth graders spent time learning how everyone can protect drinking water and created these posters.

2021 Carlton Daze Parade

2021 Carlton Daze at the DNR Park

2021 Water Week Poster Competition

2021 Water Week Poster Competition entries by South Terrace fourth graders. See how everyone can protect our drinking water.

2020 Water Week Poster Competition

2019 - 2020 South Terrace fourth graders created these wonderful posters to help educate about ground water and drinking water. See how everyone can protect our drinking water.