City Council Meeting

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 @ 6:00pm 

310 Chestnut Ave.

Carlton, MN  55718

Special Meeting

Wednesday, May 22, 2019 @ 5:15pm

Purpose of the meeting is to discuss the following:

  • Sale of 206 Chestnut Avenue
  • Zoning Change for parcel 15-180-0315 (Recycle Shed Area)
  • Accept Bids for Fire/Ambulance Garage


Small Cell and Wireless Aesthetic Standards
This policy was adopted by the Carlton City Council on April 10, 2019
Small-cell-wireless-aesthetic-standards [...]
Adobe Acrobat document [264.0 KB]

SPRING CLEAN UP The City has scheduled the annual Spring Clean Up for either the week of May 13 or the week of May 20. Signs will be posted in the center of town when the date is determined. Please have your yard rakings bagged and at curbside on the morning of. Please ensure that your yard material is free from other debris such as paper, glass, etc. The City will also take a modest amount of tree branches and twigs. These should be piled neatly at curbside parallel to the curb. Branches no longer than 15'.

National Service Recognition Day,
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The City of Carlton is grateful for the dedication and sacrifice of these citizens, who are helping make our city safer, stronger, and healthier.


Amy DeCaigny spends many hours supporting Carlton School District activities and events. She has been on the Father/Daughter Ball planning committee for years as well as helping with events, planning and activities from pre-school through graduation. Amy is dedicated to improving this community.


Lilian and Gordan Davis have a long history of community service. Gordy was very active with the Carlton Fire Department including a stint as Fire Chief. Lillian spent many years working for the City and has been very active in her Church. This couple is committed to making Carlton a better community.


The Carlton Area Hockey Association and Four Seasons Recreation Area Mission is “To foster and promote all sports, to construct, maintain and aid facilities for recreational activities; for all people who wish to participate in the Carlton and surrounding area.”


The current members are Tory Cawcutt, Chad Vernon, Eric Gibson, Brett Peterson, Aaron Lehto, Dustin Carlson, Leola Rodd, Joe Broneak, Shawn Halli, Brent Bodie and Jennifer Axtell.


These board members have worked consistently to provide a place for children to participate in hockey and open skating. This facility is also used for other activities during the year. Many meetings and community events have been held at the Four Seasons Sports Complex over the years.

With Friends of Animals closed, Northland pets and their owners have an option if a pet goes missing. There is a Facebook page dedicated to returning pets to their owners. Log in to Face book and visit

City Fee Schedules

2019 Fee schedule.pdf
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2019 Building Permit Fee Schedule.pdf
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Clean Water - Do your Share

Carlton County Resource and Recycling Newsletter
Volume 13, Issue 2 Spring_2019.pdf
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Maximize the use of natural vegetation and establish smaller lawns. For portions of your lot where a lawn and landscaping are desired, ask your local nursery for tips about plants and grasses with low water demand. Consider planting more trees, shrubs, ground covers, and less grass. Shrubs and ground covers provide greenery for much of the year and usually demand less water. Use native plants in flower beds. Native plants have adapted to rainfall conditions in our and often provide good wildlife habitat. Cluster plants that require extra care together to minimize time and save water.

New Resident Water Sewer Form

NEW Resident Water Sewer Service.pdf
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Automatic Debit for Water and Sewer Utility Billing


You can now choose to have your water/sewer bill automatically debited from your checking or savings account, please call the city office with any questions


Automatic debit for Water and Sewer billing
Automatic Withdrawl Form.pdf
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2017 Drinking Water Report

2017 Consumer Confidence Report.pdf
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Data Practices Act
Data Practices Act Carlton.pdf
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Social Media Policies
social media comments.pdf
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