Carlton, Minnesota

310 Chestnut Ave

PO Box 336

Carlton, MN 55718



Monday - Friday

8:00 am to 4:00 pm


 City Council Meeting

Wednesday, August 14, 2019 

at 6:00pm 

310 Chestnut Ave.

Carlton, MN  55718








When mowing your lawn, set the mower blades to 2-3 inches high. Longer grass shades the soil improving moisture retention, has more leaf surface to take in sunlight, allowing it to grow thicker and develop a deeper root system. This helps grass survive drought, tolerate insect damage and fend off disease.

The City of Carlton is accepting proposals for Auditing Services.  All proposals are due July 26, 2019 by 4:00pm.  Mail proposals to: City of Carlton, Attn: Carol Conway/Clerk-Treasurer, PO Box 336, Carlton, MN  55718 or they may be dropped off at City Hall, 310 Chesntut Ave., Carlton MN  55718.

RFP for Auditing Services.pdf
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             9:00 am                   Wednesday Mornings

Join Master Gardener Ruth Ann and City Councilor Ruth Ann in maintaining the Pollinatore Cafe at the DNR Park across from the Fire Hall. Connect with both Ruth Anns for a lilvely time maintaining the plants and interacting with community members!

2017 Consumer Confidence Report
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