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City of Carlton
City of Carlton
City of Carlton

Please monitor water temperatures.  If water temperature is 35 degrees or lower please contact City Hall at 384-4229. 

   Frozen water policy can be found by clicking the public works tab.

 The former Thomson City Hall is now available for rentals! Click on the "Fee Schedule" tab on the left. 

Thank you to everyone who attended the Public Meeting to Review Draft City Plan

The Steering Committee will be meeting on March 26th to review and finalize the document and vote to make a recommendation to the Carlton City Council. Consider reviewing the document and deciding how you can make the initiatives a reality. Use your interests and passion to volunteer for a committee. Contact Tracey at City Hall or one of the committee members listed below:

Members of the Plan Committee are: Kitty O’Hara Bureau, Connie Christenson, Becky Feldbrugge, Ann Gustafson, Peter Haapala, Mary Lee Henriques, Alan Johnson, Linda Johnson, Rob Kavanaugh, Merrill Loy, Diane Soden-Groves, Timothy Soden-Groves, Joanne Erspamer, Tracey Hartung and Ruth Jorgenson. The public is encouraged to contact members to share their thoughts regarding land use and development. 


 The City of Carlton and the City of Thomson have merged!

In celebration of this occasion, we are hosting a contest to design a new city logo.  Entries will be received until April 30th, 2015. Click on the link below for full contest rules and Entry Form or pick up at City Hall, 310 Chestnut Avenue, Carlton. The winning entry will receive their original artwork framed by Art Dimensions Custom Framing and a $40.00 gift card from The Street Car restaurant in Carlton. 
Inspiration may come from our newly developed Comprehensive Plan. A draft of the Plan can be found on our website or printed copies are available at City Hall.



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